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Steeleye Span: Recording Information

Here is the recording information, the information that might let you find a copy of an album to purchase. Where a re-issue is known to have been digitally remastered for release on CD, CD is shown like this.

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NOTE: This is all so horribly out of date that it is of dubious merit. I have no realistic hope of updating this, but rather than remove it, I shall let it remain here, just in case it turns out to be useful in some small way to someone, somewhere.

Steeleye Span

Steeleye SpanHark! The Village Wait
1970SUAL934188LP  NZ
 United ArtistsUAG 29160LP  UK
1976MooncrestCREST 22LP  UK
 ChrysalisCHR 1120LP  US
1991Shanachie79052  CDUS
1992MooncrestCREST CD 003  CDUS
Steeleye SpanPlease to see the King
1971B&CUAS 29244LP  UK
 MooncrestCREST 8LP  US
 ChrysalisCHR 1119LP  US
 Big TreeBTS 2004LP  US
Steeleye SpanTen Man Mop or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again
1971PegasusPEG 9LP  UK
1976B&C/MooncrestCREST 9LP  UK
 ChrysalisCHR 1121LP  US
1989Shanachie79049  CDUS
1991MooncrestCREST CD 009  CDUK
Steeleye SpanBelow the Salt
1972ChrysalisCHR 1006LP  NZ
 ChrysalisCHR 1008LP  UK
 Phonogram6307 508LP  GER
 Shanachie79039  CDUS
Steeleye SpanParcel of Rogues
1973ChrysalisCHR 1046LP  NZ
 Phonogram6307 514LP  GER
 Ariola/Chrysalis202.75LP  GER
 Shanachie79045  CDUS
Steeleye SpanNow We Are Six[1]
1974ChrysalisCHR 1053LP  NZ
 Phonogram6307 529LP  GER
1991Shanachie79060  CDUS
1992Beat Goes OnBGOCD157  CDUK
Steeleye SpanCommoners Crown[2]
1975ChrysalisCHR 1071LP  NZ
 Phonogram6307 543LP  GER
 Chrysalis432063-2  CDNZ
Steeleye SpanAll Around My Hat
1975ChrysalisCHR 1091LP  NZ
 Music For Pleasure4157061LP  UK
 Phonogram6307 564LP  GER
 Ariola/Chrysalis202.747LP  GER
 ChrysalisCDAX 701553  CDNZ
Steeleye SpanRocket Cottage
1976Phonogram6307 584LP  GER
 ChrysalisCHR 1123LP  NZ
Steeleye SpanStorm Force Ten
1977ChrysalisCHR 1151LP  NZ
 Phonogram6307 615LP  GER
 Ariola/Chrysalis202.748LP  GER
Steeleye SpanLive at Last!
1979ChrysalisCHR 1199LP  NZ
 Phonogram6307 639LP  GER
 Ariola/Chrysalis202.749-320LP  GER
Steeleye SpanSails of Silver
1980ChrysalisCHR 1304LP  NZ
 Ariola/Chrysalis203.003-320LP  GER
 Takoma?LP  US
Steeleye SpanRecollections
1981ChrysalisL 37753LP  NZ
Steeleye SpanBack In Line
1986InterfusionL 38573LP  NZ
 FlutterbyFLUT 2LP  UK
 WundertüteTÜT 129LP  GER
 Shanachie79063  CDUS
Steeleye SpanTempted And Tried
1989DoverCDP 32 1737 2  CDNZ
Steeleye SpanTonight's the Night
1992Shanachie79080  CDNZ
Steeleye SpanTime
1996Shanachie79099  CDNZ

Steeleye Span & friends

Steeleye Span & friendsIndividually and Collectively
1972CharismaZCCAB 5 CAS NZ
Steeleye Span & friendsRave On[3]
1974B&CCrest 17LP  NZ
Steeleye Span & friendsThe Best of and the Rest of Folk Masters[3]
1990Action ReplayCDAR 1017  CDNZ

Tim Hart & Maddy Prior

Tim Hart & Maddy PriorFolk Songs of Old England Vol 1
1968B&CCrest 23LP  NZ
Tim Hart & Maddy PriorFolk Songs of Old England Vol 2
1968B&CCrest 26LP  NZ
Tim Hart & Maddy PriorSummer Solstice
1971MooncrestCrest 12LP  UK
1991Shanachie79046  CDNZ

Peter Knight & Robert Johnson

Peter Knight & Robert JohnsonThe King of Elfland's Daughter
1977ChrysalisCHR 1137LP  NZ

Morris On

Morris OnMorris On
1972IslandHELP 5LP  NZ
Son Of Morris OnSon Of Morris On
1976HarvestTC-SHSM 2012 CAS NZ

Maddy Prior

Maddy PriorChanging Winds
1978ChrysalisCHR 1203LP  NZ
Maddy PriorWoman in the Wings
1978ChrysalisCHR 1185LP  NZ
The Maddy Prior BandHooked On Winning
1982InterfusionL37794LP  NZ
Maddy Prior and the AnswersGoing For Glory
1983SpindriftSPIN 104LP  NZ
Maddy Prior & the Carnival BandA Tapestry of Carols
Maddy Prior & the Carnival BandSing Lustily & With Good Courage
1990SaydiscCD-SDL 383  CDNZ
Maddy PriorMemento
1994Park RecordsPRKCD28  CDNZ
Maddy Prior & the Carnival BandHang Up Sorrow & Care
1995Park RecordsPRKCD31  CDNZ
Maddy Prior & the Carnival BandFlesh & Blood
1997Park RecordsPRKCD38  CDNZ

Peter Knight

Peter KnightAn Ancient Cause
1991Shanachie5001  CDNZ

Maddy Prior & June Tabor

Silly SistersSilly Sisters
1975ChrysalisCHR 1101LP  NZ
Silly SistersNo more to the Dance
1988Shanachie79069  CDNZ

Tim Hart

Tim HartTim Hart
1979ChrysalisCHR 1218LP  NZ
Tim HartMy Very Favourite Nursery Rhyme Record
1981AxisTC-AX-260193 CAS NZ
Tim HartDrunken Sailor And Other Kids Songs
1983Music For PleasureMFP 5635 CAS UK


[1] The BGO CD has the long version of Thomas The Rhymer

[2] The UK LP has a bonus hidden in the run-out track.

[3] 'Rave On' was re-issued on CD with a name change as 'The Best of and the Rest of Folk Masters'