Steeleye Span
Title Commoners Crown
Lineup Mark IV plus Peter Sellers acoustic ukellele on 'New York Girls'
Note Extra line by Peter Sellers
Label Chrysalis LP ©1975
Commoners Crown
Side 1
1 Little Sir Hugh
2 Bach goes to Limerick
3 Long Lankin
4 Dogs and ferrets
Side 2
1 Galtee farmer
2 Demon lover
3 Elf call
4 Weary cutters
5 New York girls

As with Now We Are Six, the band brought in a guest musician. Maddy describes how it happened[1].

While sitting over lunch we were discussing what we need to sparkle up the track New York Girls. Ukulele would be good someone said. Anyone got one? Anybody know someone who can play one? Peter Sellers plays it says Bob. Pause. Eyes meet, why not? We could ask. He could only say no. So we spent another interesting afternoon with a rather diffident Peter Sellers. I don't think he'd ever been asked to play on a session before and was apprehensive about the whole affair until he realized we were delighted to have him there. He loosened up as time went by and finally finished by adding, unprompted, some 'goon' voices. We were ecstatic.

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