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Steeleye Span Makeup

The band has been through a number of lineup changes through the years. Here the makeup of each is listed, there are also tables cross-referencing by band member and showing which albums were made by which lineup.

Steeleye Span Mark I (1970)

Jan 1970-Apr 1970


Hark! The Village Wait. (June 1970)

The band recorded one studio album and then broke up, without ever playing a live concert.
I Hark! The Village Wait

Steeleye Span Mark II (1970-1971)

Apr 1970-Nov 1971


Gay and Terry left, to be replaced by Martin Carthy and Peter Knight.
II Please to see the King

Steeleye Span Mark III (1971-1973)

Dec 1971-May 1973


Below The Salt (August 1972), Parcel Of Rogues (June 1973)

Ashley left and Rick Kemp replaced him on bass. Then Martin left, and Peter recruited Bob Johnson, old friend of his as lead guitarist.
III Below the Salt
Parcel of Rogues

Steeleye Span Mark IV (1973-1977)

Jun 1973-Jan 1977


Now We Are Six (February 1974), Commoner's Crown (January 1975), All Around My Hat (November 1975), Rocket Cottage (October 1976)

Nigel Pegrum was added on drums.
IV Now We Are Six
Commonors Crown
All Around My Hat
Rocket Cottage

Steeleye Span Mark V (1977-1978)

Jun 1977-Mar 1978


Storm Force Ten (November 1977), Live At Last! (March 1978)

Pete and Bob left to pursue external projects. Having contractual obligations to meet, Martin was persuaded to return, bringing with him John Kirkpatrick. The band then broke up in 1978.
V Storm Force Ten
Live at Last!

Steeleye Span Mark VI (1980)

The same as Mark IV


The Mark IV band reformed, made one album, then broke up again, with the various members leaving to pursue individual careers.
VI Sails of Silver

Steeleye Span Mark VII (1984-1986)


Back In Line (1986), In Concert (1994)

VII Back in Line

Steeleye Span Mark VII(i&ii) (1986)

In 1986 Rick Kemp had to give up playing the bass due to injury and first Mark Williamson then Chris Staines replaced him. Neither of these lineups recorded an album, and I don't increment the 'mark' number accordingly. Reinhard Zierke's numbering and mine diverge at this point.

Steeleye Span Mark VIII (1989)


VIII Tempted and Tried

Steeleye Span Mark IX (Sep 1989-1995)


Tonight's The Night (1991), In Concert (1991)

IX Tonight's the Night

Steeleye Span Mark X (1996-Oct 1997)


Time (1996)

After getting together for a 25th year reunion concert (See The Journey), Gay Woods, one of the original band members, rejoined the band.
X Time

Steeleye Span Mark XI (Nov 1997-Sep 2000)


Horkstow Grange (Sep 1998), Bedlam Born (25 Sep 2000)

Maddy left the band to concentrate on her solo career. Liam also left, reducing the band to a four-piece.
XI Horkstow Grange
Bedlam Born

Steeleye Span Mark XII (Sep 2000-Jan 2001)


No albums

After recording Bedlam Born, Bob Johnson retired from the band. Rick Kemp 'replaced' him—Rick returned to play bass, with Tim concentrating on lead guitar.

Steeleye Span Mark XIII (2001)


No albums

On 14 January 2001, Gay Woods announced she was leaving the band, reducing it to a three-piece.

Steeleye Span Mark XIV (2002)


Present (2002)

Maddy, Liam and Robert rejoined the band, but Tim Harries left. After recording Present, a re-recorded "best of" album, Bob's health forced him to leave the band and he retired (again).
XIV Present

Steeleye Span Mark XV (2003-2010)


Ken Nicol was recruited to replace Bob. At seven years, this lineup is the longest lasting so far.
XV They Called Her Babylon
Bloody Men
Cogs, Wheels And Lovers Live at a Distance

Steeleye Span Mark XVI (2011-2013)


Ken Nicol left and was replaced by Peter Zorn and Julian Littman.
XVI Now We Are Six Again Wintersmith

Steeleye Span Mark XVII (2014-2016)


No albums

Peter Knight left after Wintersmith and was replaced by Jessie May Smart.

Steeleye Span Mark XVIII (2016-)


Peter Zorn left and was replaced by Andrew ‘Spud’ Sinclair.
XVIII Dodgy Bastards

Also Starring...

Gerry Conway
Drums on Hark! The Village Wait
Dave Mattacks
Drums on Hark! The Village Wait, Horkstow Grange and Bedlam Born
David Bowie
Alto sax on Now We Are Six
Peter Sellers
Ukulele on Commoner's Crown
Bob Johnson
Vocals on Wintersmith
Terry Pratchett
Voice on Wintersmith
Kathryn Tickell
Northumbrian Pipes on Wintersmith
John Spiers
Melodeon on Wintersmith and Dodgy Bastards
Hattie Webb
Harp on Dodgy Bastards