Steeleye Span
Title The Journey
Label Park CD PRKCD52 ©1999
The Journey
CD 1
1 Calling On Song Steeleye Span#1
2 Blacksmith Steeleye Span#1
3 Fisherman’s Wife Steeleye Span#1
4 Dark-eyed Sailor Steeleye Span#1
5 Blackleg Miner Steeleye Span#1
6 Lowlands of Holland Steeleye Span#1
7 Cold Haily Windy Night Steeleye Span#2
8 Prince Charlie Stuart Steeleye Span#2
9 Jigs: Bryan O’Lynn/TRK10121The Hag With The Money Steeleye Span#2
10 Gower Wassail Steeleye Span#2
11 Lark in the Morning Steeleye Span#2
12 John Barleycorn Steeleye Span#3
13 The Ups and Downs Steeleye Span#3
14 Edward Steeleye Span#3
15 Cam Ye O’er Frae France Steeleye Span#3
16 All Around My Hat Steeleye Span#3
CD 2
1 Wife of the Soldier Steeleye Span#4
2 The Maid and the Palmer Steeleye Span#4
3 Sweep, Chimney Sweep Steeleye Span#4
4 Twa Corbies Steeleye Span#5
5 Harvest of the Moon Steeleye Span#5
6 The Water is Wide Steeleye Span#5
7 The Elf Knight Steeleye Span#5
8 Thomas the Rhymer Steeleye Span#5
9 Rave On
10 Tunes: The Lark in the Morning/Masons Apron

The Journey was a charity concert for War Child (helping kids in war zones) and a 25 year reunion gig for Steeleye Span.

The concert took place on 2nd September, 1995 at The Forum in London, and was organised by the actor Dave Hill, a Steeleye Span fan of long-standing.[1]

When he first contacted the band members, they thought it was a great idea, but were sceptical that it would actually happen, yet somehow it did, and in the end all the band members past and present except Terry Woods made it. An accomplishment all the more special since it involved gathering some of them from the ends of the earth: Tim from the Canary Islands and Nigel from Australia.

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