Bob Johnson & Pete Knight
Title The King of Elfland’s Daughter
Label Chrysalis LP ©1977
The King of Elfland’s Daughter
Side 1
1 The Request
2 Lirazel
3 Witch
4 Alveric’s Journey Through Elfland
Side 2
1 The Rune Of The Elf King
2 The Coming Of The Troll
3 Just Another Day Of Searching
4 Too Much Magic
5 Beyond The Fields We Know
Christopher Lee as The King of Elfland
Mary Hopkin as Lirazel
Frankie Miller as Alveric
Alexis Korner as A Troll
P.P. Arnold as The Witch
Derek Brimstone
Chris Farlowe
as Villagers of Earl

Pete and Bob’s side-project, that as a side-effect broke up the ‘golden age’ lineup.

As Maddy puts it[1]:

Our desire for variety, though Lord knows we'd had plenty, spurred a dispute that ended with Bob and Pete leaving the band to work in a project dear to their hearts.

See notes on Storm Form Ten for more details.

This album is also notable for the stunning cover by Jimmy Cauty. Gorgeous cover art had been a standard from the earliest Steeleye Span albums. For their project, Pete and Bob enlisted the young artist who had created popular Lord of the Rings and Hobbit posters for Athena.

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