Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band
Title Hang Up Sorrow & Care
Label Park Records CD ©1995
Hang Up Sorrow & Care
1 The Prodigal’s Resolution
2 Playford Tunes
3 The World is Turned Upside Down
4 The Jovial Begger
5 The Leathern Bottel
6 Iantha
7 An thou were my Ain Thing
8 Oh! that I had but a Fine man
9 Now O Now I needs must Part
10 Man is for the Woman Made
11 A Northern Catch/Little Barley Corne
12 Granny’s Delight/My Lady Foster’s Delight
13 A Round of The Country Dances in One
14 Youth’s the Season Made for Joys
15 In the Days of my Youth
16 Never Weatherbeaten Saile
17 Old Simon the King

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