Tim Hart and Maddy Prior
Title Folk Songs Of Old England Vol. 1
Label B&C LP ©1968
Folk Songs Of Old England Vol. 1
Side 1
1 Lish young buy-a-broom
2 Adieu sweet lovely Nancy
3 Maid that’s deep in love
4 The rambling sailor
5 Bruton town
6 Farewell Nancy
Side 2
1 The dalesman’s litany
2 The brisk butcher
3 The stately Southerner
4 Who’s the fool now
5 A wager a wager
6 Babes in the wood
7 Adam and Eve

In 1968, Tim and Maddy went into Tony Pike’s studio in Putney and recorded this album—released on his TeePee label (TPRM 102).

Tim reportedly said that the photo shoot took longer than the recording (which was about three hours). Each track was recorded just once, with no second takes.

Note that Tim’s rustic accent is an affectation. From the sleeve notes to Tim Hart

Hart in particular used to sing in an agricultural voice bearing little resemblance to the way he speaks: “At the time, it was just the way you sang folk songs, with that kind of accent—I went to public school and you didn't let on because folk clubs were very left wing, so you put on some vague dialect. Folk songs also sounded better with a dialect—you sound twittish and madrigal-y if you sing them with a nice clean English accent. It wasn't a deliberate thing, it was just the way we did it, and at the time, it seemed a perfectly sensible thing to do. it never embarrassed me to do it, there were good reasons: it was supposed to sound dated—it was a folk group, for goodness sake. The only alternative was to sing with an American accent.”

The Mooncrest re-issue changed the name of this and the subsequent album to Folk Songs of Olde England

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