Various artists
Title Rave On
Note Also released as The Best of and the Rest of Folk Masters
Label B&C LP ©1971
Rave On
Side 1
1 Rave on Steeleye Span
2 The ploughboy and the cockney Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
3 Western Wynde Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
4 Banks of the Bann Shirley Collins
5 Cold, haily, windy night Steeleye Span
6 Let no man steal your thyme Shelagh McDonald
7 Lovely on the water Steeleye Span
Side 2
1 Just as the tide was a flowing Shirley Collins
2 Cannily cannily Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
3 Matt Hyland Martin Carthy
4 Of all the birds Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
5 The bank Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick
6 Marrowbones Steeleye Span

This was also released as (and is thus identical to) The Best of and the Rest of Folk Masters.

The connections between Steeleye Span and most of the performers are fairly straightforward:

But who is Shelagh McDonald? I've never heard of her before or since and I'd love to know what her relationship to the band is.

17 July 1999

Geoff Owen found out some more about Shelagh McDonald which he summarised

Basically, a bad LSD trip affected her so much that she left the business entirely and disappeared, essentially vanishing in 1971. And remained ‘missing’ for 30 years.[1] There is an interview at

Most of the tracks are from albums, except for Rave On, which was released as a single by Steeleye Span and only ever appears on compilation albums, and The Bank which is from a somewhat rare 1967 instrumental EP by Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick called No Songs.[2]

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