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Modifications to the Steeleye Span pages

Keeping track of what changes have been made to the pages.


17 Mar 2019
Web site moved to new host at


9 Apr 2017
Added Dodgy Bastards


7 Mar 2015
First attempts at responsive web design. Should look better on mobile devices.


21 Apr 2014
Further cleanup:
  • Deprecated the label page.
  • Improved (I reckon) the track listing page.
  • Fixed the review links on the album pages, which my automation had broken.
  • Added more extensive notes to individual album pages (more to come).
  • Wrote a brief blog entry on Peter's departure.
2 Apr 2014
Much more automation. Made many older pages consistent with overall site design.
16 Mar 2014
Updated Similarities, clean up Timeline. More automation to keep things cross-referenced.


28 Sep 2013
Update front page with release date of Wintersmith (Thanks to Wil Tirion for the information)
15 Jun 2013
Update front page with news of Terry Pratchett collaboration album


11 Dec 2011
Updates front page with news of Now We Are Six Again
28 August 2011
Updated short form discography and mark pages.
21 August 2011
Updated with news of six piece lineup again.


23 November 2008
The Album files are generated by a script from a database. I modified the script to make it easier to do this and also added some extra information in the pages (Producer etc.). There are also better keywords to help Google and other search engines.
26 October 2008
Added the Random Other Stuff Page
15 June 2008
General minor cleanup


1 April 2007
Added review of "Bloody Men" by Barry Curtis


15 October 2006
Added Gallery section
23 January 2006
Added link to FolkCast off various pages
16 January 2006
Updated graphical timeline (which is now a table using extensive CSS)
15 January 2006
Added links to George Starostin's Only Solitaire pages from the Reviews section
12 January 2006
Added a new review from Barry Curtis


18 June 2005
Minor maintenance. Track down some dead links, some minor tidying.
21 March 2005
Note Peter Knight's new album
26 February 2005
New review by Barry Curtis of Bedlam Born
30 January 2005
Moved links section to a separate page.
23 January 2005
Added a review of Winter, updated the review page to include some more links.
21 January 2005
Added Winter, updated the discography, and changed the style for the albums (and added some more album covers)


21 August 2004
Added Barry Curtis's review of Present, updated the MP3 information.
25 March 2004
Added links to Ken Nicol's site
22 March 2004
Review of Auckland concert, added info for They Called Her Babylon


23 September 2003
Added info for Present, updated band lineup.
10 July 2003
Added link to
4 January 2003
Updated link to Chris Kellet's site.


17 December 2002
Link to Maddy's Stones Barn site.
1 December 2002
Updated the links on the Similarities page, and added a reference to Anne Briggs. Also linked to Present
9 September 2002
Added request for Steeleye Span Introduction CD, reference Ian & Stephanie.
1 August 2002
Some changes to the navigation buttons.
11 March 2002
Updated link to Richard Hollis's new site and Park Record's tour guide.


31 December 2001
General cleanup and reorganisation. Added a sample of Peter Sellers saying "I say, are you a matelot" to the notes to the Commoners Crown page.
21 January 2001
Updated the discography and the links section of the front page. Added some musings on mark xiii and Gracenote.
20 January 2001
Updated the timeline and lineup tracking, after the latest reorganisation
13 January 2001
Added A Rare Collection and Bedlam Born. Tidied up some HTML (an on-going process)


2 October 2000
Updated news to note release of Bedlam Born, link to interview with Peter, and upcoming release of Shelagh McDonald album.
23 September 2000
Link to Nick's Gay Woods pages
3 August 2000
Newsflash about Bob leaving. Announcment of Bedlam Born. Minor tweaks to front page layout.
15 July March 2000
Added the "Where to get stuff" page.
2 July March 2000
Updated link to Peter Knight's web pages to new location
19 March 2000
Tweaked the appearance a bit. Added Journey.


30 December 1999
Updated the link to Eduardo's Maddy Prior pages, now at, fixed a bad link spotted by Chris Sendall (thanks!)
23 September 1999
Added links to Chris Kellet's pages. Added scans of the songbook covers.
15 August 1999
General clean up, link to Shelagh McDonald info page
6 March 1999
Reviews page, Pete Knights newsletter links


28 November 1998
Produced a graphical version of the timeline page.
22 September 1998
Updated the links on the Similarities page, some of which had got terribly out of date. I also added some more links, since more of the artists now have web pages.
5 September 1998
Moved to a new server at Actrix Information Services. The site has been revised and updated in the intervening year! The 'old' site still exists, and will continue to do so until someone does something about it, but I no longer have any access to it to update it.


6 April 1997
Redid the label information page
23 March 1997
Added a little more detail on the publishers of the songbooks, as an aid to those of you trying to track down copies.
24 January 1997
Added the Time-line page.
22 January 1997
Added "Drunken Sailor And Other Kids Songs" by Tim Hart. Thanks to Charles Gilbert for the details.
20 January 1997
Fixed some minor errors noted by Reinhard Zierke <>
19 January 1997
Added "A Speculative History"

Added the modification history page.

18 January 1997
Link to Steve Winick's " Twenty-Seven Years on the Bus" article.
17 January 1997
Eduardo Mota's pages the place to find the latest news.


29 November 1996
Added a link to Eduardo Mota's Maddy Prior Pages