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There are a number of other web sites devoted to Steeleye Span, some maintained by the band members themselves.

Richard Hollis hosts the "Unofficial" Steeleye Span Web Pages.
Richard has a series of recent, exclusive interviews with band members. Recommended.

Reinhard Zierke has an excellent set of pages, with links to other Steeleye Span pages.

Chris Kellett has a site with transcripts of interviews and news clippings from the 1970's. Recommended.

Claude Calteux's folk pages have links to lots of interesting folk resources.

The site links back to just about every other Steeleye Span site.

link to picture of Maddy Prior with fan at her siteEduardo Mota has pages concentrating on Maddy Prior, while Maddy has her own site which replaces her previous Stones Barn site (and has some absolutely gorgeous photos of Maddy dancing!

Link to Pter Knight's site

Peter Knight produces a wonderful set of pages and a newsletter that is well worth subscribing to. The best place to find current news about the band, including tours. Peter's site also has a chat room and busy guest book. Peter is also on MySpace New!

Nick Clark has a Gay Woods site.

Martin Carthy has a well maintained web site covering his, and his family's, many solo and collective endeavours.

The offical Ashley Hutchings pages are at Folk Icons.

The John Kirkpatrick official site covers squeeze boxes, Morris Dancing and John's current gigs etc.

Link to Ken Nicol's picture at his site

Ken Nicol has with information on his previous work with the Albion Band, his solo career, and much more. He also serves up a podcast at FolkCast and has a MySpace page.

Tim Hart has a web site, but it has nothing to do with music and everything to do with photogegraphy and La Gomera

You must read Steve Winick's article, " Twenty-Seven Years on the Bus".

The group's record company, Park Records has a list of current tours

Hear a 23 minute interview with Peter Knight at

The Folk Icons web site has information about various past members and many related British folk music bands and artists.

We have found a little more about Shelagh McDonald.(See the notes to Rave On) Geoff Owen is on the track.