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21 April 2014

Musings on Pete‘s departure

Peter Knight was, as of his leaving, the longest serving member of Steeleye Span, joining mark II in 1971 and only sitting out 1978 when he and Bob went off to make The King of Elfland's Daughter, upon which the rest of mark IV expelled them, and then the band broke up.

But when it regrouped in 1980 with mark VI, Pete was back. And for every version since then, he's been there—36 years. Maddy has 'only' been a member for 34 years!

Peter was the one who held the band together through XIII in 2001 when it was reduced to a trio, so, to a very large extent I suspect we have him to thank for the last 11 years (and eight more albums).

Wintersmith is such a strong album that I don't imagine it's the musical direction that he's concerned about. I'm guessing that the stresses of working with a bunch of talented, strong-willed and opinionated people got too much, again.

Is this the end? I'm guessing not. However, to a large extent, it doesn't matter. If the band continues, or calls it a day, its legacy is still secure.

28 August 2011

(Hmm, even for me this is rather too infrequent. I must see if I can do better. Anyway…)

Peter has moved to France. For details, sign up to his newsletter at I imagine it will also appear on his web site, but as of today it's not yet appeared there.

Oh, and he's getting married…

Before leaving the UK to return home, Debs and I will be tying the knot in Cornwall, on September the 23rd, a quiet ceremony with family and close friends. I don't usually mention anything of a personal nature in these letters, but I announced our pending marriage so many times on our recent tour that I know there are people wanting to know when!

The very best of wishes Peter.

26 October 2008

Liam and Tim recorded an album with Mandyleigh Storm in November 2007, live at Dean St Studios, Soho, London. Produced by Mick Glossop (Van Morrison, Frank Zappa, The Waterboys etc), and also featured Johnny Scott (Van Morrison) on guitar, and James Lascelles (Frank Zappa) on hammond, mini-moog, piano, hammered dulcimer and percussion.

25 October 2008

38 years after it was begun, Fotheringay's second album has been released. It's good. It's called "2". You can get it at the usual places. I got it from iTunes.