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Steeleye Span Bibliography


Songbooks and sheet music

There are a number of Steeleye Span sonbooks, containing sheet music and some background information on the band and band members. As is usual, they are scored for piano with guitar chord additions rather than anything the band might actually be playing, and even to someone like myself whose ability to read the dots is marginal it's obvious that they don't always adhere that closely to music as performed and recorded, if only for the simple reason that the transcriptions are not by the band.

The exception to this is the Marthy Carthy songbook, which contains accurate transcriptions overseen by Martin.

Every one of [them] are as faithful to what he actually plays as they reasonably can be.

Steeleye Span

"Containing songs from Please To See The King and Ten Map Mop or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again"

Steeleye Span songbook

Libra Music Ltd./Sparta Florida Music Ltd. Copyright ©1972
155/157 Oxford Street, London W.1.
sole selling agents:
Music Sales Ltd.,
78 Newman Street, London W.1.
  1. The Blacksmith
  2. Cold, Haily, Windy Night
  3. Prince Charlie Stuart
  4. Jigs: Bryan O'Lynn/The Hag With The Money
  5. Boys of Bedlam
  6. False Knight On The Road
  7. Female Drummer
  8. Jigs: Paddy Clancy's Jig/Willy Clancy's Fancy
  9. The Lark In The Morning
  10. The King
  11. Lovely On The Water
  12. Gower Wassail
  13. When I Was On Horseback
  14. Four Nights Drunk
  15. Marrowbones
  16. Captain Coulston
  17. Reels: Dowd's Favourite/£10 Float/The Morning Dew
  18. Wee Weaver
  19. Skewball

Steeleye Span Songbook

Steeleye Span Songbook
Wise Publications. Copyright ©1974
Exclusive distributors
Music Sales Limited
78 Newman Street
London W1P 3LA
Nigel Haines
Robin Denslow
Brian Cooke, David Steen
  1. Two Magicians
  2. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
  3. The Mooncoin Jig
  4. Thomas The Rhymer
  5. Edwin
  6. Long-A-Growing
  7. Rogues In A Nation
  8. One Misty Moisty Morning
  9. Ups And Downs
  10. Hares On A Mountain
  11. Alison Gross
  12. Royal Forester
  13. Sheep-Crook And Black Dog
  14. John Barley-Corn
  15. Rosebud In June
  16. Spotted Cow
  17. The Bride's Favourite
  18. Saucy Sailor
  19. Tansey's Fancy
  20. Gaudete


All Around My Hat

All Around My Hat
Wise Publications. Copyright ©1976
Exclusive distributors
Music Sales Limited
78 Newman Street
London W1P 3LA
0 86001 298 0
  1. All Around My Hat
  2. Batchelor's Hall
  3. Black Jack Davy
  4. Cadgwith Anthem
  5. Dance With Me
  6. Gamble Gold (Robin Hood)
  7. Hard Times Of Old England
  8. Sume Waves (Tunes)
  9. The Wife Of Usher's Well


Original Masters

Original Masters
Wizard Records? Copyright ©1977
111A Westbourne Grove,
London, W2 4UW
Ann Munday
Bob Woffinden
Piano & vocal arrangement
Bill Pit
0 86001 490 8
  1. Sir James The Rose
  2. Black Jack Davy
  3. All Around My Hat
  4. The Wife Of Usher's Well
  5. Thomas The Rhymer
  6. Fighting For Strangers
  7. Seven Hundred Elves
  8. Long Lankin
  9. Elf Call
  10. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
  11. Alison Gross
  12. Bonny Moorhen
  13. The Moincoin Jig
  14. Drink Down The Moon
  15. Skewball
  16. Lovely On The Water
  17. The Bride's Favourite
  18. Tansey's Fancy
  19. One Misty Moisty Morning
  20. Saucy Sailor
  21. Gaudate
  22. Blackleg Miner


Martin Carthy: A Guitar in Folk Music

Martin Carthy: A Guitar in Folk Music

Contains accurate transcriptions overseen by Martin, including notes on the non-standard tunings used in many of the songs.

(I've noted the tunings he uses on the songs in case that's useful to people).

New Punchbowl Music Copyright ©1987
Doug Kennedy
Martin Carthy
  1. Scarborough Fair EADGBE
  2. Lord Franklin EADGBE
  3. Peggy And The Soldier DADEAE
  4. Byker Hill DADEAD
  5. Polly On The Shore DADEAE
  6. Arthur MacBride And The Sergeant DADEAE
  7. Seven Yellow Gypsies DADEAE
  8. Cold, Haily, Windy Night DADEAE
  9. The Famous Flower Of Serving Men DGCGCD
  10. The Bedmaking CGCDGA
  11. John Blunt CGCDGA
  12. All Of A Row CGCDGA
  13. Willie's Lady CGCDGG
  14. Lovely Joan CGCDGA
  15. I Sowed Some Seeds CGCDGA
  16. The Devil And the Feathery Wife CGCDGA
  17. The Song Of The Lower Classes
  18. Reynard The Fox CGGGD
  19. Sovay DADCAC
  20. The Unfortunate Tailor CGCDGD
  21. The Handweaver And The Factory Maid CGCDGA
  22. The Fox Hunt CGCDGA
  23. Molly Oxford CGCDGD
  24. The Bloody Fields Of Flanders CGCDGA
  25. La Cardeuse CGCDGA
  26. Glorishears CGCDGD
  27. The Third Man CGCDGD

transcription in guitar tablature.


Most of these books are long since out of print. I won't make photocopies, so please don't ask.

If you are looking for sheet music, there is a solution though. Andrew D.R. Greenhill of Leicester, England, has arranged a number of the band's songs, and will arrange further songs on request. Further details are at Reinhard Zierke's site. Andrew D.R. Greenhill can be reached at:

Andrew D.R. Greenhill
54 Broad Street
United Kingdom
(Telephone: +44 116 260 8780)