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This is a page of review of Steeleye Span albums, concerts and other items and events worthy of reviewing. (Chris Kellett also has a page of reviews off his site.)

The opinions expressed here are solely those of the authors.

Copyright in the reviews remains at all times with the authors.

Request for material

If you have a review you'd like placed on these pages, contact me at I will also consider placing links to existing reviews on these pages if requested.

Concert Reviews


Steeleye Span, Wellington 1975 by Michael Newbery posted 29 November 1998

Steeleye Span, Auckland 2004 by Michael Newbery posted 22 March 2004


Album/DVD Reviews

The Journey by Michael Newbery posted 29 April 2000

Present by Barry Curtis posted 21 August 2004

They Called Her Babylon by Barry Curtis posted 3 October 2004

Winter by Michael Newbery posted 23 January 2005

Bedlam Born by Barry Curtis posted 26 February 2005

2004 World Tour DVD by Barry Curtis posted 13 January 2006

Bloody Men by Barry Curtis posted 1 April 2007


Chris Kellett's page

George Starostin has an excellent (and huge) set of music reviews, including Steeleye Span.

Colin Randall's brief review of They Called Her Babylon for the Daily Telegraph (3 May 2004)

Colin Randall's brief review of Winter for the Daily Telegraph (15 Jan 2004)

Andrew Perry's review of Steeleye Span at the London Palladium for the Daily Telegraph (16 Dec 2004)