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Colophon:A brief description of publication or production notes relevant to the edition, in modern books usually located at the verso of the title-leaf, but also sometimes located at the end of the book. [1]

The Steeleye Span pages were originally made with BBEdit + BBEditTools and AOLPress.

I then experimented with Macromedia Dreamweaver for some pages (back in the days when it was still Macromedia Dreamweaver, before Adobe bought it).

Currently, and for some time, BBEdit is used exclusively.

The logo was originally drawn by me using LightningDraw Lite (the font is Apple Chancery). Other graphics have been done in Color It! with the Wild River SSK plug-ins.

The background ‘paper’ was produced by Stephen Marshall, and is used with his kind permission.

FileMaker Pro is used to hold the album information, and then various home-grown Ruby scripts export that to html (with a little help from Markdown). Other Ruby scripts create some of the tabular pages, such as the time-lines.

The pages use Cascading Style Sheets extensively, which means that they should look a lot better with a CSS aware browser, but will render fine on any browser.

Some use of JavaScript is made in order to provide some DHTML eye-candy, but the site should work just fine without it.